Now all members at Somerset Models can save with our brand new rewards program!

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————- F.A.Q. ————-

Q: What are Reward Points?
A: Firstly you will need an account to receive Reward Points so sign up now! Now every dollar (in AUD) you spend will earn you 1 Reward Point excluding shipping costs (Spend AU$10 = Earn 10 Reward Points). Reward Points are our little way to say thank you for shopping with Somerset Models. Each point will give you even more savings on items! At checkout, simply redeem the points you have earned for further discounts. Earn enough points and get items for FREE!

Q: What is the value of a Reward Point?
Currently 100 Reward Points is equal to  $5.00 AUD
e.g. (Your Reward Points) x 0.05 = $ Value AUD

Q: How do I earn Reward Points?
A: First, make sure you already have an account with us. (No Account? Then click here to join us today!) When you sign up you will automatically get 100 Points!! Just for signing up!!!
Secondly just go and spend lots of money online and earn! Reward Points will be credited to your account automatically for every successful transaction (ordered and paid).
You can find point info for each product on the product info page.

Q: How do I redeem my Reward Points?
A: You can use your Reward Points to purchase anything you want in our online store. Simply redeem the Reward Points during the checkout process in order to get a further discount or if you have enough Reward Points you will be able to get the item(s) you want for FREE!

Q: Where can I find how many points I have earned?
A: You can find your point info on “My Account” page. It shows:
– The total Reward Points you have earned.

Q: Do my Reward Points expire?
A: No your Reward Points currently do NOT expire.

Q: Will I earn Reward Points for delivery and handling fee?
A: No Sorry, the delivery and handling fee is excluded when calculating the amount of points earned.

Q: What happen with the Reward Points if I return the item?
A: If an item is returned/refunded, the Reward Points you have earned by purchasing this product will be deducted from your account.
If an item is purchased by using Reward Points in conjunction with any other kind of payment, we will refund the money and Reward Points you have used.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Reward Points I can earn?
A: No, every member can earn Reward Points without any limit!

Q: Can I transfer my Reward Points to another person?
A: No Sorry, the points are non-transferable.

For any questions which have not been listed above, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.